Since 1993, Rick Joy has led a cooperative practice engaged in architecture, planning, and interiors around the globe. Studio Rick Joy is based in Tucson.

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The core values that drive the work of the firm arise from a studio environment in which creativity and discovery thrive alongside expertise and experience. The built work of the studio is the result of the talent and energy of a diverse team and reflects concepts that arise from a practice of comprehensive observation and generosity of approach.

Exactitude, details that support ideas, and a respect for the origins of craft give rise to design and materials that pay respect to one another and to the culture of a place. By being sensitive toward the world and cherishing each site's spirit, we produce architecture that lives well in its surroundings and that becomes a stage for daily life.



We value cultural diversity, inclusion and equality in our practice. Studio Rick Joy is dedicated to creating and maintaining a dynamic and inclusive studio workplace. With our practice of hiring talent from around the world we strive towards equality and diversity in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and perspective.

We aspire to become even more representative of the vibrant and diverse origins, perspectives and backgrounds that contribute to our success, longevity and sustainable studio culture. We encourage all qualified applicants to submit their portfolios representing their whole authentic selves.

Please send your resume and portfolio to studio@studiorickjoy.com