Amangiri Resort and Spa

In this spacious resort, the ethereal and immaterial aspects of intimate spatial experiences—sounds, smells, textures, moods—come to the foreground, as the architecture itself retreats into the rocky landscape through its dense materiality, staccato volumes, and striated horizontal profile.

In its deliberate simplicity, the architecture nudges visitors into a more acute attunement with the place they inhabit.

Amangiri Resort and Spa


Kane County, Utah, USA




i-10 Studio:
Rick Joy
Marwan Al-Sayed
Wendell Burnette
Colin Bruce
Joby Dutton
Arlee Fisher
Madeline Gradillas
Kathy Hancox
Cade Hayes
Michael Kothke
Patrick Magness
Philipp Neher
Neil Patel
Michael Powell
Jena Rimkus
Scott Roeder
Dale Rush
Scott Scales
Suzanne Stefan
Brianna Tovsen
Matthew Trzebiatowski
Claudia Valent


Aman Resorts
Joe Fletcher
Kai Pippo