Princeton Transit Hall and Market

Simultaneously a nod to and a departure from Princeton University’s typical Collegiate Gothic architecture, the Princeton Transit Hall’s peaked profile emerges on a corner of campus where commuters and students converge.

The elegant form of the hall, whose steel roof sweeps across sandy concrete columns of varying widths, contrasts the low-slung, dark form of the convenience store that flanks the other side of the adjacent bluestone arrival plaza.

Black walnut benches, white oak window frames and custom pendant lights emit a soft glow and lend the space a welcoming warmth.

Princeton Transit Hall and Market


Princeton, New Jersey, USA




Rick Joy
Matt Luck
Bach Tran
Natalia Zieman Hayes
Philipp Neher
Luat Duong
Shawn Protz
Heiman Luk
Claudia Kappl Joy


Jeff Goldberg / ESTO