Tennyson 205

Surrounded by buildings on three sides, Tennyson 205 is a five-story apartment building on a quiet street in Polanco, Mexico City, that opens to the city only via its west facade.

Three light wells—each vegetated using a variety of planters, boxes, and hanging vines to add greenery and softness to the exposed concrete structure—ensure that daylight reaches the lower levels of the block.

A limited palette of materials, informed by local building traditions, gives the building the appearance of a carved urban sculpture.

Rough sawn board-formed cast in place concrete gives texture to the walls when they are grazed by light.

Tennyson 205


Mexico City, Mexico




FRB Arquitectos Asociados (local team)
Rick Joy
Philipp Neher
Natalia Zieman Hayes
Heiman Luk
Claudia Kappl Joy
Christopher Pela
Shawn Protz
Marybel Rodriguez Zepeda
Suzanne Stefan


Joe Fletcher